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Saint Card Office
The Saint Card will serve as your Siena ID and much more! It will have all the Information about your meal plan in the dining hall and will operate as a debit card at locations through out campus as well as door access in the dorms and other buildings on campus. Your Saint Card will also serve as your library card on campus.

Your Saint Card can be used for purchases at the Bookstore, Sub Connection, Pandini’s and the Pepsi Café in Sarazen Student Union, the convenience Store in New Hall, as well as Vending machines and select off campus merchants.

To activate your Saint Card for purchases, simply deposit money into your Saint Card account. The balance will decline with each purchase you make.

Since your card serves as your college ID, it is required to have it with you at all times. To protect your interests, use of the Saint Card is limited to the owner of the card. Tampering with or altering the card may result in the loss of your card privilege.

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Saint Card Office
Sarazen Student Union
515 Loudon Road
Loudonville, NY 12211

Hours of operation:
M-F 8:30AM-4PM

Phone: (518) 782-8282

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